The Fear of Blogging

Posted: Wed Jul 08 2020

Earlier this year I decided to get into affiliate marketing by launching Webhost Watchdog and because I'm a cheap skate and complete control freak when it comes to side projects, I opted to write all the content myself rather than hiring others (let's see how far I make it before starting to casually browse Upwork). Fast forward a few months and I'm getting much better at writing and have started making posts here and there, mostly on Reddit.

I would blog more under my name, and I intend to, but I have this uneasy fear that one day an employer is going to consider me, look at my blog, find something they don't like, and pass me up. Worse, what if my current employer finds my work, considers it unsavory, and cans me for it.

I wouldn't call this a rational fear but I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's a completley irrational fear. One of my coworkers hit me up on Slack the other day to tell me he saw my article I wrote on, while it was positive, and he just wanted to congratulate me on it (it was getting some pretty good engagement), I got this uneasy feeling of what if I had written something else, maybe something about politics, maybe something about work, something that would cast a bad light.

I won't let this stop me though. While I don't set out to writing content that other may find upsetting, offensive, and get them in the mood to cancel me, I can't make any promises that won't happen. So while I typically hate gambling, writing is not something I'm willing to pass up just to prevent the off chance of pissing someone off, so I'm going to roll the fucking dice on this one.