Hi! My name is Sunny!

I'm a web developer living in Atlanta, GA. I specialize in building websites and mobile apps using React.

About Me

Originally from Ekteteriburg, Russia. I came to the United States in 2000 and have since lived in Atlanta, GA. I currnetly work as a Software Engineer, specializing in React and React Native. Check out some of my side projects of things I worked on professionally below.

Side Projects

Some of my notable side projects that I've been working on recently. I've worked on tons of other projecs that you can find on my Github Page

Webhost Watchdog

Webhost Watchdog is a blog for comprehensive reviews of webhosting products. Reviews the most popular webhosting products form the top hosting companies in the market today

Fav Bookmark Manager

Fav Bookmark Manager (or simply fav.sh) is an open source bookmark manager extension for Chrome and Firefox that syncs with Github Gist. Backup, collect, publish and share you bookmarks all while staying in control of your data.


TipTrack is a tip tracking app for servers, bartenders and more. Lets users create custom analytics to track their earnings


Android app for storing canned responses


A linktree alternative built in Preact and TailwindCSS